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C core (C-core) manufacture and supply

C cores (C-cores) for mains transformers; low noise, low magnetising current, fast assembly, low cost. Cores are wound from cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) silicon steel strips. Isomatic manufactures C cores (C-cores, Ccores) for transformers produced in its own factory. Any core can be supplied to other manufacturers or users.

For enquiries for C cores: E-mail by clicking including delivery location so we can use an appropriate currency and estimate transport costs. Please note that we can only supply business quantities, not one-offs.

C cores are wound from grain oriented silicon steel strip and are annealed in a high vacuum furnace under protection atmosphere. The impregnation is undertaken with vacuum impregnating equipment, using low-stress and high-viscosity resin. Fine polishing process of cutting surface ensures very good performance of the cores, having low core loss and high saturation. We produce 'non standard' cores to customer specification.

C cores

Typical applications are: Power transformers, current transducers, instrument transformers, inductors, chokes, ballasts, voltage stabilizers and regulators, welding transformers, special transformers, etc.

The C-core material list is shown in the following table.

thickness (mm)
Material iron loss
(W/kg @ 1.7T/50Hz)
 50 Hz
 50 Hz
 50 Hz
 50 Hz
 50 Hz
 50 Hz
 50 Hz
 50 Hz
 50 Hz
 400 Hz
6, at 400Hz

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